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Anonymous asked: Do you model at all? If not, you should ;) If love to see

HAHA! You’re funny! I don’t, but I’m very flattered anyway, thank you :-)


The word sword comes from the Old English sweord, cognate to swert"to wound, to cut"

The sword is symbolic of liberty and strength. In the Middle Ages, the sword was often used as a symbol of the word of God. The names given to many swords in mythologyliterature, and history reflect the high prestige of the weapon and the wealth of the owner.

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Artist Aganetha Dyck Collaborates with Bees to Create Sculptures Wrapped in Honeycomb

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Kitty cat heart

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look at her face

she on a mission

It’s like being in love: giving somebody the power to hurt you and trusting (or hoping) they won’t.


Hey Skinny Ninny aka Megan Diddie - 1: Untitled, 2010  2: Scratch, 2012  3: Dig, 2012  4: You Breathe For Them And They Feed You, 2011  Paintings

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let me just park my fucking squid



the most important photoset

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